Istanbul based cellist, electronic music producer/performer, educator.

She started her cello, piano and music theory education at ATSO Anatolian Fine Arts High School and continued at YTU Faculty of Art and Design, Sensory Arts Program, Musicology Department.

Various new music, electronic / electroacoustic music have appeared in both kitchens and stages of independent music festivals. She worked with the independent record company Müzik Hayvanı, and conducted various organizations.

She made productions and performed live performances with projects such as Peygamber Vitesi, kutu, Kam Ata, In Hoodies, shin, DAT, Akkor; took part in some of the album recordings. In addition to the fact that some of these collaborations are still carried out, she has been trying to focus on solo production and performances in recent years.

She provides teaching support to various institutions and to her own students in the fields of cello, piano and music theory.





Educational Institutions


2019- Piano, Cello and Music Theory Instructor at Dore Music Academy

2018- Cello Instructor at Cihangir Sanat ZTS

2018-2019 Cello Master Training at Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions
2017-2019 RU Performing Arts Academy – Cello and Piano Teaching
2017-2019 Koç University Music Club – Cello and Piano Teaching
2017- 2018 Mustafa Aykın Primary School – Basic Music Teaching
2016-2019 Jokerstore Music Kadikoy – Cello and Piano Teaching
2016-2017 Pera Fine Arts Center – General Music Information, Solfege, Cello and Piano Teaching for Pre-school and Adult Groups

2012-2016 Kadikoy Music Academy – Cello and Piano Teaching
2012-2015 YTU – Sağlık Kültür ve Spor Daire Başkanlığı – Part-time assistant student
2009- Private lessons, mainly on cello and piano

Published Video, Album, Fixed Media

Noisy Ground, noise compilation album, Yaren Eren Budak – “BUT2”, (Published with SANRI Zine #1) Turkey, 2019
Bewitched as Dark, “A Tribute to Hekate”, Guest Artist with electric cello (self released),
Turkey, 2018
Kam Ata, video series: “Karavan Sessions”, Izmir, 2017
Akkor, video series: “Sound Picnic”, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2017 Kam Ata, album, (Label: AK Müzik & Müzik Hayvanı), Istanbul, 2016
Peygamber Vitesi, album: “Ulu”, (Label: Müzik Hayvanı), Istanbul, 2014
Senin Hikâyen, soundtrack: Performing solo cello, Istanbul, 2013

Stage Performances and Organizations

23.11.2019, "Turbulence", live performance (Karga, Istanbul)

10.11.2019, "KONTAKT", live performance, closing event of the 16th Istanbul Biennial Public Program (MSGSÜ Painting and Sculpture Museum, Istanbul)

26.082019, "Akkor Quadradesic" live performance, Sinopale - International Sinop Biennial, Audio Night (Sinop Tarihi Pasa Bastion)

17.05.2019 Maçka Elektrikli Müzik Günleri IV, live performance: Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (cello), Fulya Uçanok (electronics), Yaren Eren Budak (electric cello, electronics) (İTÜ Maçka, Istanbul)
09.05.2019 High Voltage: An Evening of Electronic Music, “Akkor Quadradesic” performance (Babylon, 

16.02.2019 ELZ and the CULT ‘Psychodrama’ Launch Concert, (Salon İKSV, Istanbul)
21.04.2018 Record Store Day, “Akkor” concert (Kontra Plak, Istanbul)
14.01.2018 Crimean Church Concert Series, “Akkor” concert (Crimean Church, Istanbul)
11-12.05.2017 Yeni Müzik Festivali – I (New Music Festival-I), John Cage: “Variations II” (Alper Maral: mandolin) ve “Fontana Mix” (with DAT, Duysal Aksiyon Topluluğu) live-performance of electric cello (Faculty of Art and Design, YTU, Istanbul)

06.05.2017 Avosync Label Night, "Akkor" concert (Arkaoda, Kadıköy)

26.04.2017 Maçka Elektrikli Müzik Günleri II, “Shin” live-electronic performans (İTÜ Maçka)
24.03.2017 Sound Ports Festival Istanbul 2017, “Kam Ata”, concert (KargArt, Istanbul)

25.02.2017 Fill the Void Fest, “Akkor” concert (Noxus, Ankara)
12.02.2017 w/w/p, “Akkor” concert (Bant Mag. Havuz / Bina, Istanbul)
06.04.2016 “(t)” Modern Dance and Music Ensemble (Zorlu PSM, Istanbul)
17-18.12.2015 Elektronik Müzik Festivali 2015, organization and presentation (Faculty of Art and Design, YTU, 

17.12.2015 Elektronik Müzik Festivali 2015, solo electro cello performance on Alvin Lucier: “Indian Summer: for electronic cello” and John Cage: “Fontana Mix” (Faculty of Art and Design, YTU, Istanbul)

12.04.2015 Sesin Yolculuğu, Young Composers Festival 8, Stage Supervision (Süreyya Operası, Istanbul)
25.01.2015 Demonation Festivali No:5, “Peygamber Vitesi”, concert (Babylon, Istanbul)
05-07.11.2014 Bağımsız Festival 4, organization and coordination (KargArt, Istanbul)
06.04.2014 Sesin Yolculuğu, Young Composers Festival 7, Sibil Arsenyan: “Tale of a Million Siblings”, orchestral staff, cellist (Süreyya Operası, Istanbul)

18.04.2013 doğaçlafest, Alper Maral: “Çağdaş müzikte açık alanlar: Raslamsallıktan belirlenmemişliğe, mobil, açık ve terkedilmiş formlar” concert (Kolektifhane, Istanbul)